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Portable Behringer PA Package


*Hire price includes speaker stands and associated cables.

*PLEASE NOTE: Fuel is not supplied. Ensure you fill up the Generator before setting up for your event!


The Portable Behringer PA package is great for outdoor events with no power source. The Behringer PA system provides clean sound in even the most demanding environments. The Behringer B115D powered speaker is a reliable mid-level powered speaker that offers quality sound at an affordable hire price. It offers plenty of punch from it’s 15″ driver with a power output of 1000w. Each speaker comes with a speaker stand as well as all the relevant cables you will need to hook up the speakers to devices such as your laptop or iPod/iphone, musical instruments or mixers. The Generator included is a specialised inverter generator purposely built for powering sensitive electronic equipment, meaning the power output is the exact same as what you would receive from your household power supply. The whole PA system is very easy to set up, our staff will be happy to show you exactly how to get the best sound for your event.


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Power Output

1000w per speaker


17.2 Kg per speaker


Built in powered amp with 2 channel mixer


15 Inch