Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

The Equipment Booking Process

Do I need personal identification to hire?

To hire equipment you will need to be 18 years or older, with a current Australian Driver’s License, or Proof of Age Card (18+ Card), as well as a supporting document that shows you are currently living at the listed address. These two items must match in name, and address.

Why do I need to be 18+ to hire equipment from you?

When hiring from Supersonic you agree to the hire terms and conditions, which requires that the agreement needs to be signed off by the person legally responsible for the equipment, which can’t be a minor.

Why can’t I use a passport as ID?

A passport doesn’t list any form of residential address on it, which is a requirement for hiring our equipment.

Why do I need to use a PIN with my credit card instead of signature?

By using a PIN to validate your payment it allows us to validate that it is your credit card. It is also a safer way for you to pay for your items, the chances of your cards being used fraudulently with a signature is a much higher possibility if your wallet was ever stolen.

Where are you located?

We are located on the Northern Beaches of Sydney

Address: 4 Nioka Rd, Narrabeen 2101

What are your opening hours?

Our general business hours are 9am-5pm Monday to Friday, however due to the nature of our business we have flexible delivery times and contact hours. We can be reached via the online chat function and email at almost any time.

Can someone else come in to collect the equipment with my ID?

No, the individual who is collecting the gear will need to bring their ID to collect the gear, please ensure if you are going to have someone collect gear on your behalf they have read our terms and conditions.

The Delivery Process

Do you deliver?

Delivery only available in the Sydney Greater Area. If you are unsure if your area falls under this please contact us to confirm before booking.

How much is delivery?

We offer a range of delivery options to suit your needs

Our delivery prices are as follows:


Equipment may be delivered up to 2 days prior to event and picked up up to 2 days after the event. We will call in advance to organise a 4 hour drop off and pick up window.


Equipment may be delivered up to 2 days prior to the event, we will call in advance to organise a 4 hour drop off window. Customer needs to drop off equipment at our store location the day after booking BEFORE 11AM. Failing to do so will lead to a late fee totalling to the daily hire price of the order.


Equipment will be retrieved up to 2 days after the event, we will call in advance to organise a 4 hour pick up window. Customer needs to pick up the equipment at our store location the day of the booking between 11.30am – 5pm, please contact us if you wish to organise a pick up time outside of these hours.


We will contact you to confirm if your desired delivery and pick up time is available. Equipment may be delivered up to 2 hours before the specified time. Equipment pick up will be up to 1 hour after specified pick up time.


The Payment process


Why should I pay for my hire in advance or book online?

When you book online with payment we can reserve the equipment exclusively for your booking date. We do accept payment upon delivery however we do not guarantee equipment availability for the date. If you are certain you need something it is always best to book through the website with payment. That way the gear will be reserved for you and you won’t miss out on what you’ve asked for!

Can I pay the delivery driver when it’s dropped off?

If you wish to pay for delivery when the equipment is dropped off it is still important that you still have your personal ID and payment methods with you. Payment can be made on the spot through credit card or cash.

Can someone set it up for me?

Equipment can be set up along with our delivery service for an additional $35. This needs to be organised with us prior to the delivery date.



Do you have parking?

Yes we have dedicated customer parking.

When do I pay for my hire?

When you pay for the hire the gear is reserved and allocated for you! If you decide to pay cash on delivery we do not guarantee equipment availability. We have lots of hire equipment, but the best way to book and pay for your hire is through our website in advance.

Will the equipment fit inside a regular car?

The sound and lighting packs that don’t include subs will fit in any passenger vehicle, though remember the items can be quite large, so it is advisable not to come in with a car full of people as we may need to use the seat space as well as the car’s boot.

Do you have an after hours support number?

Yes our online chat service allows you to contact us in case of emergency.

What happens if an item fails during the event?

Our equipment is tested and serviced upon return of each event, if you do have an issue with a piece of equipment which is diagnosed as being faulty, we will credit the hire item charge to you as listed in our terms and conditions of hire.

My event was cancelled, can I have a refund?

The terms and condition of hire do not allow you to ask for a refund if an event is cancelled, Once the gear is booked and paid for it is reserved and committed to you, and unavailable to any other clients.

What if I return a hire late?

Hires are booked to be returned on a particular date, as such we expect the equipment to be returned on that date so that it can be serviced and ready for another client to use the following day, if the equipment doesn’t come back on time then it could inconvenience another customer. Extra hire charges include a per day late fee totalling the order hire price.

What happens if the gear is lost or stolen?

When picking up equipment, our terms and conditions are agreed to which specify that the equipment is to be returned on the agreed date. The agreement also specifies that the person who has hired the equipment is responsible for the equipment until it is returned, meaning it is the hirer’s responsibility until it is returned, and needs to be paid for if stolen or lost.

What if I blow up the speakers?

When picking up equipment, the terms and conditions stipulate the gear is going to be taken care of until it is returned. This includes the case where gear is misused or abused. The equipment that we hire out is professional quality, but by misuse it can still be broken. In the case where gear is returned with damage and that is due to abuse the parts and labor will need to be paid for by the person who hired the equipment and agreed to the terms and conditions.

My event is on a Friday night, can I keep it until Monday?

As long as when you are making your booking you book the equipment for 3 days (fri-sun) and the date for return is listed as Monday we do not expect the gear back before then.

My bond has not been refunded into my account, what do I do?

Bonds may take up to 10 days return to the customer’s account after the hire period.

What forms of payment do you accept?

Payments can be made by PayPal, PayPal Check-in, credit cards, Debit Cards as well as Cash. We accept Mastercard or Visa.

Do I need to pay up front or just leave a deposit?

Payment for the gear is required up front, any bond amount is also required to be left at the time of pickup if required.

How much should I expect to pay for repairs?

Depending on the equipment which has been broken, some things are cheap to repair and others expensive, when something is required to be repaired we will obtain a quote for the repair given our knowledge of the individual components and the labor involved in repairing or replacing the items which will be communicated to you before charging the credit card.

Is my gear insured?

No, the gear is not insured whilst in your care, it would be recommended to store it in a safe location until returned, and care for it as if it were your own.

What if I blow a speaker?

It is quite difficult to blow a speaker entirely, and the quality of the speakers we have in hire are very good, though if they are abused or misused the component which has been damaged will need to be replaced at your cost.

What happens to my bond if I don’t personally return the gear?

As the bonds are taken on a credit card, the bond will be dissolve back onto the available balance on the card once all the gear has been returned, the important thing is to communicate with the person returning the equipment all the components that they need to return so that the hire isn’t returned in part.

How long does it take to get a bond back?

Bonds will dissolve back onto the available balance on the card approximately 10 days after the hire is complete.

How can I hire equipment?

You can book directly through the website, which has our full hire catalogue available, as well as delivery and pick up options. Alternatively you can book over the phone or website chat.