Imagine a small, elegant wedding. Taken in the picturesque garden of the bride’s family home. Late afternoon, with holiday lights strung in the trees for the reception, it appears to be perfection. Until the bride misses her cue, because she couldn’t hear the music. The guests hold their breath for what seems like eternity, until someone signals the bride and she makes her way down the aisle.

Despite being a small wedding, the small garden doesn’t lend itself to acoustics, and neither the preacher, nor the bride and groom are outfitted with mics. Their guests enjoy the touching tears of the bride, and the passionate kiss the newlyweds share, but are largely left out of the ceremony.

During the reception the lights go out, and the festivities are moved indoors, which lacked the décor and intimacy of their outdoor space. In the aftermath, the bride and groom watch their wedding video, which was filmed by a friend of the groom with a home video camera.

Due to the wind that day, the video not only lacks the vows they shared, but it also is filled with the sound of the wind blowing into the microphone. While their day was special, it failed to include their guests, and the technical difficulties will forever cloud their memories.

Gold Coast Wedding Hire

At Supersonic Hire, it is our goal to prevent these kinds of problems. Whether you are planning a wedding, a corporate event, or a business meeting, we can provide you with the audio-visual services you need to make it successful. It can be intimidating to hire a company, but not hiring a professional can have much greater consequences. Here are 5 reasons you need an expert for your next event.

  1. Modern Equipment

With a professional A/V company, you are dealing with people who make technology their life’s work. We pride ourselves on being able to provide the best equipment for the job. We make it our business to know what the current trends are and anticipate what our customers will ask for. In contrast it is not uncommon for a venue to maintain their own equipment, which is likely out of date and lacking regular maintenance.

  1. Upfront Pricing

If your venue offers a list of “preferred vendors” odds are that the venue gets a kickback from those vendors. This can lead to unpredictable pricing, and unforeseen expenses added to your budget. If there is a technical difficulty that needs to be addressed, the venue may not hesitate to add that expense to your budget. We build relationships with our customers and ensure the quality of our work. With us, you know what your expense will be prior to your event, so there won’t be any surprises.

  1. Streamlining Multiple Venues

It’s not uncommon for events to take place at multiple venues. Maybe you are hosting a conference at multiple venues, maybe your wedding is taking place at one location and your reception at another. A breathtaking beach wedding on the Golden Coast, followed by a ballroom reception is going to require multiple moving parts. Streamline your event by allowing our company to follow your event from beach to ballroom.

  1. Dream Realization

What we offer is knowledge of what our equipment does, and how it works. If you have a vision, we can make that a reality. From a tropical pool party, to an ultra-modern runway, to even the sleek sophistication of a business retreat, we have the tools to make it happen. Check out our Facebook page for pictures of some of our recent events. You won’t have the standard set up for whatever your venue regularly does, you’ll have a custom look to set your event apart from all others. That difference will make your event standout, and truly memorable.

  1. Expert Assistance

Life happens, and even the best of plans can go wrong. You can work with a professional company, one that makes it their priority to make sure their customers are happy, or you can work with a venue that likely has multiple events happening in the same facility. You can hope that they have an experienced member on staff that can come to your immediate aide. You can hope that the venue is not having A/V trouble across the board. With us, the difference is clear. You are working with a company that will check their equipment beforehand, be on hand to troubleshoot for your event, have expert knowledge of the equipment, and be ready (and have the ability) to replace it, should the need arise. We want your event to be memorable, for all the right reasons.

Audio visual is not a DIY activity, you don’t want to extra stress or headaches the day of your big event. For us, this is what we do. We have the training and experience that you need to make your vision a reality. Don’t settle for an amateur that has sub-par equipment. Don’t rely on the A/V of your venue. Your venue provides the fast food version of A/V technology. They are busy with guests, events, often rooms (in the case of hotels), vendors, food, and more. Trusting the A/V technology to the venue when they have so much else going on is risky. For those concerned about a fee for going outside the venue, don’t be afraid to negotiate against that fee. The fee is usually nominal considering what they charge for the other expenses, and they will likely absorb that “cost.”

Supersonic Hire is dedicated to customer relationships, and to making your event something to remember. From entertainment, audio visual hire, projection hire, and lighting, we have what you need to make you spectacular.