Create Your Own Outdoor Cinema

How to create your own outdoor cinema

With a few simple tips you can create an outdoor cinema that’s sure to be a summer time favourite.
What you’ll need:

A projector
A sheet or projector panel
A frame or wall
An extension cord to reach the nearest power supply
Cushions, blankets, comfy chairs
A computer with your favourite films

First up, you’ll need to get the basics of your movie setup complete. For this you’ll need a screen and a projector.

What we offer:

  • Our Inflatable Projector Screen/Movie Screen
  • Projector (projector list at the bottom)
  • Speakers (Behringer, JBL and LD)

Place the projector on a small table about 2m back from your screen. Turn the projector on and do some adjustments until you’re happy with the picture on your screen — you may need to move the projector closer or further away from the screen, or adjust the focus or image size

Technical set up

Place the projector screen in a secure area away from wind. Connect your speakers to a mixer and projector to your film source, likely a laptop computer (which will also connect from the mixer to the headphone jack to send the sound into the speakers). Test everything is working properly, the sound is clear and the image is centred on the screen.


You want to set up the seating area approximately 3-5m back from the screen for comfortable viewing. The right distance will depend on the space of your movie setup and how many guests you’ll have coming over. Depending on your space, provide beanbags, chairs, cushions or blankets.


Add ambient lighting, outdoor lights and festoon lights don’t just look pretty, they help light your way for when you need to top up your snack bowl. Citronella candles look great plus help to keep mosquitoes at bay or you could try stringing lights through trees.

Food and drinks

It’s not a movie night without some scrumptious snacks. Treat your guests to popcorn and pizza, sit back and enjoy the movies!